A guide for your migraine journey


Buoyant is an online medical practice dedicated to giving your headaches the attention they deserve.

Our approach
A relationship built on understanding

Our doctors understand the frustrations and confusion that come with migraine. We match you with a doctor who you'll see every time, which means we can fully get to know you.

Help when you need it

We know you have a busy schedule. That’s why you can message your doctor at any time or schedule virtual video appointments - no need to wait for weeks to have your questions answered.

Treatment plans for your lifestyle

Everyone’s migraine solution looks a little different. We design an actionable plan for you that includes a combination of prescription medications and lifestyle adjustments such as sleep or nutrition. 

How it works
No traveling to an office
No parking fees
No waiting rooms
No waiting for weeks for appointments


Fill out questionnaire

Let us know about your migraine symptoms and medical history. We will confirm your eligibility for Buoyant and match you with a physician.


Schedule initial consultation

Pick a date and time to have your first video appointment with your board-certified physician.


Develop treatment plan

During your initial consultation, your doctor will work with you to develop a personalized treatment plan. This may include prescription medication and other lifestyle recommendations.



Over time, we will track your progress and update your treatment plan. You can message your doctor at any time with questions or schedule follow-up video appointments.

This felt a lot more personal than any doctor visit I had ever been to

Jack, Buoyant member

I felt empowered by my treatment plan

Jill, Buoyant member

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