Our mission

To help people with migraines feel lifted from the constant worries of headaches by providing effective and supportive care

We're in this together

Buoyant was founded because we understand that a migraine is not “just a headache”. As migraine sufferers ourselves, we know the feeling of helplessness when a migraine suddenly flares up and we have to shuffle our lives around it. We’ve felt the pressure to hide our migraines from our coworkers or to learn how to cope with the pain. 

We believe that we shouldn’t have to accept migraines in our lives. We have seen firsthand that relief is possible through effective treatment that combines both medication and lifestyle changes. We want to help people find an understanding and affordable doctor who is actually available.

Meet the experts
Dr. Jasen Sood, family medicine specialist and physician
Dr. Jasen Sood


Dr. Sood is a board-certified family medicine specialist and Chief Medical Officer of the Field Medical Station in Edison, NJ. He focuses on osteopathic medicine, which emphasizes a whole-person approach, blending preventive and lifestyle elements with conventional medicine. He has experienced migraines himself and is passionate about helping people find the right solution for them.

Dr. Katherine Hamilton, headache specialist and adviser
Dr. Katherine Hamilton


Dr. Hamilton is one of around 500 headache specialists in the US, the highest certification available for headache medicine. She is currently an Assistant Professor and practicing doctor at Penn Medicine in PA. She has numerous publications on migraine treatment and headache research and is an advocate for bringing effective treatment to patients at home.