Frequently asked questions

Do I need a referral from a doctor to get started?

No referral is needed, simply select one of our packages to get started.

Where is Buoyant offered?

You must live in NJ or PA to be eligible for our services and to receive prescriptions. This is because our doctors are currently licensed in these states.

Should I join Buoyant if I’m currently having a migraine?

We are here to help you with the long-term improvement of your migraines, so we do not recommend getting started in the middle of one when since you may be experiencing sensitivity to light or other symptoms. If you are in severe pain during a migraine attack, please seek emergency care.

How can I contact my Buoyant doctor?

You can message your assigned doctor at any time with questions, and you can also schedule a video consultation.

Is Buoyant covered by insurance or FSA/HSA?

We will always work with you to determine the most affordable option for you. Insurance Our membership fee and consultations are not covered by insurance, however any prescription medications that we recommend are eligible for reimbursement based on your insurance plan. If you don't have insurance, that's not a problem! All our pricing is as-is on our website so you know exactly what our services cost. FSA/HSA Our membership fee and consultations are usually FSA/HSA eligible! We say 'usually' since it is important to check with your internal benefits manager or administrator to make sure Buoyant falls under your specific plan. Click here for our guide on FSA/HSA reimbursement.

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